This recipe is fantastic the turkey tastes amazing. Buying smoked turkey legs from your supermarket and infusing your stock is the quickest and easiest way to get smoked flavor into your gravy (I’m not talking about adding smoked paprika, which I’ve seen some recipes floating out there using and then calling it “smoked gravy.” I see your bluff and raise you ten notches of authentic smoke flavor! The apple and cola help add a little sweetness. Place the turkey in a large roasting pan or disposable aluminum pan. This smoked turkey recipe calls for brining the bird for hours in a fantastic maple syrup-apple cider mixture and then slow smoking it to juicy perfection. Oven-roasted turkey is a Thanksgiving classic, but learning how to smoke a turkey is a great way to mix up your holiday cooking repertoire. Can I use a regular wood smoker instead of pellet smoker? Im worried another 4 hours it will be way over cooked. Hickory is stronger but is always a classic and gives an even smoky flavor! This is a delicious pasta dish that is super quick and easy to make. Best turkey I have ever made…and my first on the Traeger! Be sure to use the drippings to make turkey gravy and serve it alongside these popular Thanksgiving recipes! The garlic butter rub (get the best from your dry brining) 4. Place a pan on a rack, under the bird, to catch the juices for gravy! This recipe for Smoked Turkey is made on one of the undisputed champions, ... What wood works best with Smoked Turkey? Thank you! After only 2 hours my probe says the internal temp is already at 125. Smoking a turkey is absolutely the best way to cook a whole turkey. Kyle St. Clair from One90 Smoked Meats shares his best tips to cook the perfect turkey for Thanksgiving. I think most people reserve Turkey for the holidays and I would too if my Turkey always turned out boring, dry, and flavorless. This is one turkey recipe that’s great year round. If you want the juiciest turkey, then yes, I recommend basting. You can blend your chosen wood with oak or hickory to give it a smokey tone, but be careful not to overpower the natural flavors of the turkey meat. Place the turkey in the smoker and baste every 1-2 hours with turkey juices from the pan. 16 cups (3.8 litres) water. Tweak the ingredients if you’d like, but this combo is fantastic. 10 sprigs sage . The skin and the foil help to keep the turkey juicy on its own, but since you’ll have to be checking on the turkey in the smoker a few times anyway, go ahead and baste it. You do this so the seasoning will stick to the bird. Free up the oven and learn how to smoked turkey stuffed with fruit and aromatics for an amazing turkey dinner. GO TO BLOG Ingredients. Why this Recipe Works: The turkey is brined overnight to lock in flavor and juice. This smoked turkey recipe is a great twist on the classic Thanksgiving roast turkey. Total Cooking Time. I used this recipe today, used cherry wood, it was so flavorful and the most tender, juiciest turkey I’ve ever had! It’s good to plan 30 minutes per pound when you smoke a turkey between 225-250 degrees Fahrenheit. Unsubscribe at anytime. Keep it up!!! Tips to make a juicy and perfectly smoked turkey. The Smoked Turkey Rub (the one that frees up the oven) My recipe references the Traeger Grill, which is what I have and recommend, but any pellet smoker will obviously do. Smoke until the internal temperature reaches 180 degrees Fahrenheit in the thickest part of the thigh. As always, Lee’s Marketplace supplied the ingredients and sponsors this post! For this BBQ Turkey, it's not about those traditional Thanksgiving Flavors... it's all about creating juicy, flavorful, delicious BBQ pulled turkey. And last I don’t inject the turkey at all right? Smoke at 325°F (175°C) for 2 ½ to 3 hours or until the internal temperature of the turkey reaches 165°F (74°C). With this recipe, we are taking a whole new spin with leftover fun. You'll never want to cook turkey any other way. Sometimes we had a little celery or carrots. Not sure what to do with that mountain of leftover holiday meat? From soups and casseroles, to sandwiches and ramen, here are 11 of the best leftover turkey recipes for you to try this year. When the temperature (inside the smoker at the grill) has reached 250-300°F/121-149°C... 1. Add the turkey and some fresh cilantro, top it off with a soft boiled egg and it is perfection. The Simon and Garfunkel Spice Rub; 3. Take paper towels and pat the turkey dry. ½ cup firmly packed brown sugar. Though the smoker recipe is relatively straightforward, there are still plenty of things that you can do to change up the flavor. Pecan wood or apple wood for smoking turkey are both excellent choices. This freezer-friendly soup, is an appetizing take on your traditional tortilla soup, with kidney beans, corn, and spices. It is super easy to make using all the veggies and gravy you would for your normal turkey meal. Take the soft or melted butter and rub all over the turkey, under the turkey skin and in the cavity. A delicious, juicy Smoked Turkey recipe cooked on any type of grill or smoker, including a Traeger or wood pellet grill, electric, charcoal, or gas grill. Place the turkey on the grate breast side down and position a pan under the grate to catch drippings. You might even forget that most of the ingredients can be made from simple leftovers! 165 degrees F is the safest temperature for smoked turkey. We've found that a wet brine is the best way to infuse moisture into the turkey before smoking. Ever since then, my suburban New Jersey neighbors have gotten to enjoy the smells of my Thanksgiving turkey as it smokes in the backyard. **. Place on your turkey dunrite appliance if you're using this with the breast side facing down. You need to be sure that you’re achieving the correct internal temperature for both food safety reasons and also for the juiciness factor.

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