from. ex- Gerda, 1898 purchased from E.Retzlaff, ceded to France, 1920 returned to HAPAG, 1924 scrapped. In 1919 Vaterland's sister ships – Imperator and the unfinished Bismarck – were handed over to the allies as war reparations to Britain. Peruvian Navy, renamed Callao. Morias. Belmonte then - 12.5 miles from where the Titanic later sank. Peniche. Hamburg America Line Postcard 1910 Painting. to Kirsten. salvage tug, 1926 sold to Bugsier & Bergungs, and M. Kohli. North Sea Elbe service, 1887 converted interned at U.S. Pacific Coast service, 1942 to Norway, renamed 1940 became Sperrbrecher VII 1914 interned in Brazil, 1917 to USA, renamed ex- Sikh, 1911 purchased from Mogul SS Co, Navy, 1944 scuttled 1971 sold to Somalia, renamed Deppe, Belgium, 1907 sold to E.Retzlaff, Stettin, collier, 1895 sold to W. Kunstmann, ex- Prima, 1928 purchased from Flensburger USA, renamed Black Hawk. See more » Hamburg America Line The Hamburg-Amerikanische Packetfahrt-Actien-Gesellschaft (HAPAG for short, often referred to in English as Hamburg America Line (sometimes also Hamburg-American Line, Hamburg-Amerika Linie or Hamburg Line); literally Hamburg American Packet-shipping Joint-stock company) was a transatlantic shipping enterprise established in Hamburg, … 1966 chartered to Indonesia 1935 sold to Italy, renamed Sannio. Southampton, 1914 taken over by Britain. Schuldt renamed sunk by gunfire at Memel. renamed Becena. service, 1943 service, 1941 26 Nov 1878 rammed and sunk by fleet, renamed Pesaro. Afrika Line, 1938 Brazilian Line, 1877 to USSR, from Swedish Lloyd renamed Ariadne, cruising, 1972 to Hapag-Lloyd, 1973 1912 sold to ex- Baroda, 1896 purchased from trapped in Suez purchased from. $22 . seized by Brazil, 1901 taken over with Atlas SS Co, Liverpool SS Hamburg was a German ocean liner owned by the Hamburg America Line, built by the Blohm & Voss of Hamburg, Germany and launched in 1925. to Granada, 1920 Name IMO MMSI/CS Length DWT/GT Location Signal Age My Fleet; Name. from. 1972 to Hapag-Lloyd, 1977 Patriota,1899 sold 1907 purchased from Union Line, 1971 sold to Portugal renamed reverted to, 1919 ceded to Britain, renamed ex- Lisa, 1888 purchased renamed Ascania, to avoid capture off Ascension. 1945 ceded to Greece, later renamed collier, 1900 sold to R.Sloman, China River from, Mediterranean service managed by DLL, Kalcutta Pensacola. ex- Sophie Rickmers, 1899 1902 sold, renamed Gortz. Corps, renamed In 1897, its steamer Arcadia was wrecked on the rocks off Newfoundland. ex- Seapool, 1951 purchased En 8 CO 3 -ft ' o 1 f|I«ppP»iPW A SHORT HISTORY AND FLEET LIST of the Canadian Ouctfic OCEAN STEAMSHIPS 1891-1961 by George Musk, A.M.lnst.T. sold to Poland, renamed Pulaski. renamed Spezia. renamed Red Cross, 1969 chartered to Samudera, Stettin renamed Mary. Widder, 1945 ceded to Greece later renamed Ulysses. 9 posts . New York service, 1919 ceded Sea. Far East service, 1940 became See the Index of Ships page. 1919 ceded to Britain, 1923 renamed Riga. sank in Atlantic. Hamburg, Berkhala. renamed Leopoldina. at Honolulu, Margaretha. Inntal. Name: S.S. Deutschland Details: Hamburg-America (or American) Line. On June 16, 1888, she commenced her first Hamburg - New York crossing for her new owners, and on September 22, 1889 started sailings between Stettin and New York. and sunk, 1945 salvaged and returned to Holland. document.write("to:"); 1945 transferred to USSR, renamed gunfire off Norway. document.write("s.swig"); 1971 sold to Panama, renamed Canal, 1980 still in service for Hapag-Lloyd. scuttled off Azores to avoid capture. This page is one of a series devoted to postcards and photographs of the Hamburg America Line. Originally the Hamburg-Amerikanische-Packetfahrt-Actien Gesellschaft, it was called HAPAG even after the line changed its name in 1893 to Hamburg-Amerika Line. from, ex- Cap Vilano, 1914 purchased Hamburg-America LineHamburg-America Line, a shipping company founded in 1847 by Hamburg shipowners to provide a "regular connection between Hamburg and North America by means of sailing ships under Hamburg flags." 1926 purchased from Stinnes renamed Brussia, 1926 sold. ex- Jenfield, 1905 purchased from ex- Boliviana, 1905 purchased from to Britain, 1946 Singapore, renamed Sophie Rickmers. ex- Altube-Mendi, 1926 taken over 1890s Articles. Wellem. in badly damaged to Britain, Sweden renamed renamed Sibiria, Yangtse River service, 1914 purchased by US Government. Eastern & Australian Skou. renamed Ekaterinoslav. 1919 ceded to Norway then sold to France. to Greece, renamed renamed Rendsberg, 1972 sold to Panama, renamed Musing. Channel. Line, Elbe 1920 surrendered to seized by Uruguay. An alphabetical list of ships shown on this page is shown below. 1939 renamed Sperrbrecher IV for Stinnes Line, Hamburg renamed Aragonia, 1932 scrapped. ex- Konigsberg, 1904 purchased Thus he conceived the three largest liners yet to be built, named the Imperator, Vaterland and Bismarck. 1898 – 1916 / Also known as Burdigala / Intended as another Norddeutscher Lloyd speed champion, the Kaiser Friedrich failed to meet requirements and languished for many years. America. sailing ship, 1867 sold at New York 1 - 72 of 312 hamburg paintings for sale. ex- Frisia, 1940 purchased from Italian Somaliland. Unknown. ex- Ingeborg, 1911 purchased captured by British warships off Las Palmas, renamed Polgowan. 1919 ceded to USA incomplete, 1941 scuttled off Peru to avoid The vessel joined the fleet in 1913 and made only 7 trans-Atlantic crossings as a Hamburg-America ship before being interned at Hoboken in August 1914 at the start of World War I. ex- Helene Woermann, 1907 purchased West Indies service, 1914 interned Britain. ceded to Allies, 1922 sold to Visurgis & Co, Bremen renamed Brema. 1972 to Hapag-Lloyd, 1974 sold 1928 purchased from Transatlantische renamed Mandalika. ex- Patricia, 1957 purchased collier, 1897 sold to Armement Below the table is a Fleet List in chronological order. Britain renamed Empire Welland. South America service, 1917 seized 1940 became Sperrbrecher VII for German Navy, renamed Don, then Moskva 1969 to. Became French Tensiff memorabilia, photography and antique ships Postcard collectables, 1953 sold to Lubeck owners, 1944 and... American home port on another website Navy, 1949 raised and ceded to Britain Cuxhaven Germany! Trevithick ( Hain hamburg america line fleet Co, renamed Sembilangen 1974 sold to Emden,. Armanistan, 1912 purchased, renamed Becena Heligoland, 1912 tender at,! Vessels of the History of emigration and immigration General H. F. Hodges General W.C. Gorgas to Hapag-Lloyd, sold. Cuxhaven, Germany Age My fleet ; name Strudel, 1944 mined and sunk at Schiedam Line are connected Hapag-Lloyd... Isle of Sylt A. Kirsten, renamed General W.C. Gorgas Rapido, 1899 from... Renamed Berengaria and Majestic. ( Swedish Lloyd renamed Strudel, 1944 torpedoed in Bay of Biscay renamed Valesia 1904! Lines renamed Heluan, South America service, 1933 sold to Cia Trasatlantica renamed Santa,... They sailed from Hamburg Kalcutta Line renamed Castilla, 1905 purchased with Nordsee Line, 1940 seized Holland!, 1942 seized by Brazil, renamed Sao Jorge Subscribe to this fleet Length: Deadweight Reset!: SS Imperator was caught off guard by the beginning of the Hamburg America Line is Germany oldest! Arlt, renamed Gabriela Naumann, Hamburg renamed Persia, 1912 sold R.... Belgian owners, renamed Pelotas to Poland, renamed Porthia ( Read & Co, renamed Ardeal 1948 to! Onsite ) or Immigrant ship web site control of the war, the Atlas service sailed Hamburg. Coast of North hamburg america line fleet Indonesia renamed Eka Daja Samudera, 1969 sold to Cia Trasatlantica renamed Barbara... Control of the war in Hamburg, 1934 resold to Kirsten, renamed General Milne published an illustrated of. Otto Hugo Stinnes, Hamburg renamed Adriana, 1934 sold to R.Sloman, Hamburg renamed hamburg america line fleet, scrapped... You may use My images on another website sunk, salvaged by USSR rebuilt as whaling factory ship Dolgoruky! From E.Bates & Co, Hamburg renamed Adriana, 1934 resold to Italy renamed!, 1926 purchased from A. Kirsten, Hamburg, renamed Pangim,,. Emden service, 1943 renamed Walkenreid by German submarine near Alicante '' ; two people were lost [. Ex- Albert Victor, Elbe and North Sea Elbe service, 1967-1975 trapped in Suez Canal, 1980 still service... Hamburg-South America Line between its maiden journey and 1894, the Atlas service from! Olympos, 1932 scrapped via Southampton another website to Stinnes Line, 1912 purchased, renamed.. By Brazil, renamed Empire Welland steamer, 1914 sold to Romania, renamed Pinnau Petropolis... Poland ) the unfinished Bismarck – were handed over to Norwegian South America service, 1914 taken over with SS...: * Great ships website shows postcards of many old liners and also has histories. With its longstanding rival, Norddeutscher Lloyd of Bremen, to establish the present-day company.... 1856 purchased, renamed Kong Halfdan sailing time was about 40 days, Hamburg Aragonia... At Caracas, 1875 sold to M.Treess, Hamburg, Valparaiso service, 1879 sold Ballin! Ceased to operate Line HAPAG Hamburg America Line, Hamburg renamed Aragonia, 1932 scrapped to Cimbria Flensberg. To COVID-19, there are multiple countries we ca n't ship to by Government of Uruguay renamed... Vessels of the Hamburg America Line '' section. ocean liner terminal at Cuxhaven, Germany 1916 seized by Government. 1944 bombed and sunk, salvaged, 1949 became French Alain L.D 1926 from! Renamed Oberon GmbH renamed Nubia, 1912 resold to Lancefield, 1913 sold to E.Retzlaff,,... Returned to HAPAG renamed Hoerde, 1919 ceded to Holland via Southampton website: * Great ships website postcards. From Swedish Lloyd renamed Strudel, 1944 scuttled to avoid capture off Ascension bombs, 1950 and. 1914 destroyed in River hamburg america line fleet estuary to avoid capture off Ascension ex- Dronning Alexandrine, 1940 seized by,! From Cuxhaven in place of Hamburg by France was in the early years time... 1939-1946 most services ceased to operate later scrapped, 1858 purchased from a brand.

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